Developing a growth mindset is important in achieving academic success. At Carrington Primary School we utilise a wide range of well-being initiatives and programs to ensure our students are supported in all aspects of their daily lives.


Circle time is conducted daily to ensure students are developing relationships, building communities, responding to problems, or discussing new learning topics or concepts.



Breakfast Club


Each Wednesday and Friday morning from 8:15am-8:45am Carrington Primary School support staff organises Breakfast Club, allowing students school-wide to connect socially, have something to eat and be prepared for their daily learning.





As a smaller school we are fortunate to have a Chaplain operating within our school providing our students with social, emotional, and physical supports when needed. Active lunch-time clubs including Madhouse are provided for students to engage with in a safe and supportive learning environment.



Animal assisted well-being


Carrington PS has engaged with the Unconditional Love Foundation (UCLF), an animal assisted well-being program to support all our students. The connection between the animals and humans assists in developing connections, achieving positive emotional outcomes, develop empathy and compassion and enhance concentration and learning ability. This 8-week program is designed to strengthen the bonds between the animals and our students.




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