Robotics / S.T.R.E.A.M

(Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Maths)


At Carrington PS we have a range of robotic equipment that allow students to build upon pre-existing knowledge and extend capabilities. Key skills that students engage with are critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication with others. Our S.T.R.E.A.M program (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art an Maths) provides students with a variety of opportunities to develop and extend upon their own learning and tailor programs to specific needs,


Coding of robots commences in the Junior school with access to increasing complex robotics throughout their school journey.





Blue-bot is an innovative bluetooth robot that can be controlled using an Apple iPad or PC. Students create the program on screen, send the instructions and see the Blue-bot perform the actions before them. These robots can also be manipulated in a hands-on capacity allowing students to direct their own learning.






Sphero is a robotic ball that you control by touching and tilting the iPad. You can drive the robot around, play games with it, promote physical activity, mental stimulation and play based learning.


Edison bot


Edison is a programmable robot that can be used for both coding and engineering. Students can build upon the base using the ‘creator kits’ to become inventors, problem solvers and creative thinkers.


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