A wide range of activites were undertaken last week during our school well-being sessions. These sessions are proving to be a major hit with our students who have brainstormed a variety of tasks to complete this term. Relationships are strengthened, problems are solved and minds are active.

Miss Jane kicked things off with a catapult challenge for our younger students which involved collaboration on the construction and launching of the device. Our middle/senior students headed outdoors to prepare the final garden bed for spring-time growing, removing a wide range of weeds and garden litter ready for seeding. The senior students applied their measurement knowledge into the construction of wooden frames and used a variety of tools to support them in the creation.

Research suggests that physical movements can help students solve difficult problems, generate new ideas, and think more creatively. It shows how far active learning research has come and how much of an impact it can have in the classroom.

Our students are thoroughly enjoying engaging with one of our staff regularly to build strong connections, engage with the outdoors and develop new skills/interests with peers.


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