2023 District Cross Country

A representative team from Carrington headed to Bayswater Secondary College for the annual District event. Our students supported one another, cheering loudly for each Carrington student, whilst at the event and all participated to the best of their ability.

It was great to see our students competing at a higher level of competition.

Thank you to all the staff, volunteers and parents who attended and supported the day to ensure it was a successful one. There were some very tired children at the completion of the event! 😊

Our students produced some exceptional results, with the school coming 4th overall as a result.
In our 'small school' comparison, we were the 2nd ranked team for the event - a FANTASTIC EFFORT!






Ruby N 26th

Ashley 29th

Charlotte 32nd



Levi 4th (Division Qualifier)

Cortez 15th

Jai 27th

Dante 36th

James 41st

Brad 45th



CeLena 4th (Division Qualifier)

Ruby C 24th

Isabella 40th


Jack 16th

Riley 18th

Zac 24th



Jade 19th

Zoe 20th



Connor 8th (Division Qualifier)

Gabe 19th

Logan 24th


A wonderful achievement from all participating students. 

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