Welcome to Carrington Primary School

Carrington Primary School is a friendly, energetic and highly motivated learning community located in Knoxfield. As a small school we provide our students with a safe, engaging and inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected and where everyone knows they belong.

This connectedness to school and community is the cornerstone of our positive learning culture here at Carrington. The school provides an educational environment where students strive to achieve their personal best in all learning areas; academically, physically, socially and emotionally. We place an extremely high priority on providing our students with the skills, understandings and behaviours to be able to establish and sustain, positive and respectful relationships with their peers, parents and teachers. The school is built upon the firm belief that high expectations lead to high achievement.

Education is a partnership and as a learning community, we identify the skills and expectations that our students will need in order to achieve success. High expectations provide the foundation of a positive, engaging and respectful culture that allows us to focus our energies on teaching and learning in an environment where everyone understands and respects their rights and responsibilities.
To talk to us, book our hall for an event or book a school tour:

Call us on 03 9763 9600

Email us at carrington.ps@education.vic.gov.au

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