Education Week and Momentous May

It was lovely to see the school open and available for current and potential families to view on Monday. Several families came through and participated in the hands on and engaging activities in classrooms. 

Our STREAM robotics were also on show for students and families to engage with. Having families enter our school grounds once again and engage in teaching and learning programs is wonderful. We are looking forward to opening up again to showcase the work undertaken in the school. Many of the displays have changed in the hallways and classrooms, highlighting the many experiences that are being completed within.

Staff and students thought long and hard about their character dress up. Creative and clever character representations were on display. Mrs Hartley created a range of activities for students to participate in for the afternoon. Education Week is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our programs to families and allow students to celebrate learning successes in a variety of ways. This year we celebrated 150 years of public education, something that we should be proud of. Below are some photos of the events.

Congratulations to the following students on being awarded ‘Best Dressed’ for their respective classes. It was also wonderful to identify two students that displayed amazing sportsmanship throughout.



JMC – Addalyn

JJM – Angela

SEP – Logan

SDM – Jade

Junior – Samar

Senior - Rayyan


At 12:30pm all students engaged in some fun ‘themed’ games created by Mrs Hartley. These activities included:

  • Windgarium Leviosa – keeping a balloon up in the air using a wand (rubber mallet)
  • Jedi Target Practice – throwing tennis balls at different baskets where points were awarded.
  • Planets collide – using Bocce balls, students rolled the silver balls seeing who could get it closest.
  • Save the Quidditch – keeping a shuttlecock in the air changing players after each hit.

Once all the tasks had been completed a relay race rounded out the activities. There was a lot of laughter, giggles and cheers with the activities. Sportsmanship was on show as students engaged in the activities in T.R.I.B.E.S. Thank you to all the staff involved for supporting the students and having a wonderful time and to Mr M for leading the activities at short notice.


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